Pistol 102 Class - February 18, 2024 (1:00 pm - 4:30 pm)

02/18/2024 01:00 PM - 04:30 PM PT


  • $220.00


Piru, CA


Firearms training classes for the public.


Magen Am Pistol 102 Class, Sunday, February 18, 2024, 1:00 pm - 4:30 pm



This class expands upon the skills taught in the Pistol 101 class.  You must have taken the Pistol 101 class in order to join this class.


This class is available to all those who make a $180 donation, and who pay the $40 range fee. 


Please note: You must bring your own ammo to this class.  If you do not have ammo, you can purchase it at the range office.  We suggest bringing 150 rounds of ammo (full metal jacket, no hollow points).  You will also need a firearm. (If you need to borrow one of ours, please check that box during registration.  If you are borrowing one of our handguns, you will need 9 mm ammo.)

More class details are below.

Class Details

Please enter the location into your GPS and get a good idea of how long the drive will take. Plan to arrive at the range 20 minutes before the scheduled start time, as it will take several minutes from when you arrive at the address until you reach our bay. We are in communication with the range staff regarding road conditions. If you have (or can carpool with someone who has) an SUV, you are encouraged to drive that. Class time begins as scheduled. Directions are linked below. 


Please arrive in outdoor clothes you do not mind getting dirty - boots/sneakers and thick pants/skirts. If you are planning on wearing a holster, make sure your pants have belt loops and wear a sturdy belt. Bring a hat and glasses/sunglasses for eye protection. If bringing a firearm from home, ensure that it is LOCKED AND UNLOADED throughout your travel and when bringing it into the class. You may want to pack snacks and water - plus some sunscreen.


You will need to check in at the range office prior to continuing on to the Magen Am bay.  The office is the first building that you will see on your left.  (The Magen Am bay will be on your right as you continue down the road).  For this class, you MUST provide your own ammo.  There is ammo for sale at the range office, which opens at 8 am.  You must be 21 years old and have a valid ID to purchase it.  If you are borrowing one of our firearms, we use 9 mm ammo. We suggest purchasing 150 rounds of full metal jacket ammo (not hollow point), though it is possible that you won't use them all.  Ammo costs around $.35/round.  You can get exact pricing by calling the range office at 805-398-0003.


Note: Once turning onto the dirt road it is critical that you obey the posted speed limit of 15mph. We have witnessed members escorted off the range for violating that, and can not afford poor reflections on our group due to someone's careless driving.  If you see your arrival time is after our scheduled start, you may be better off staying home and joining us for another class. If you show up late to class, we cannot allow you to shoot without the safety brief - which may have already been completed. If you have difficulty finding us, stop into the main office and ask for assistance - they're friendly people.


Click here for directions to the range.